MICF has successfully delivered on a few projects in the past. The national Peace Building and reconciliation program dubbed “Unity in Diversity,” in which the foundation dealt with inter - ethnic conflicts that stimulate violence and the drug issues related to inter – ethnic violence at trans Nzoia East in the years 2008/2009 was the very first one.

2011/2012 at Kiandutu slums in Thika, Kiambu County the foundation carried out a project dubbed, “Total war against aids.” This project Provided HIV/AIDS services for Most at Risk Populations which had alcohol and drugs related issues.

During the years 2013/2014, MICF undertook training project on Specific life skills for children & youth in schools and offered preventative services on alcohol and drugs of abuse among most at risk primary schools in Murang’a, Kiambu, Kirinyaga, Nyeri & Nyandarua counties.

2013/2015, the foundation carried out Sensitization and awareness creation forums on alcohol and drugs of abuse (ADA) within schools in Murang’a County and Gatundu South sub county of the larger Kiambu County.


Most recently; 2017/ 2018, the foundation began explorations to facilitate ADA intervention project for schools. Dubbed, “early personality development and behavioral change interventions,” the Project whose implementation is underway seeks to work with children, teachers and parents towards creating reasonable school and home attachments. Read more. This will offer youths who indicate critical levels in ADA and the related vices life skills training and consequently, on selected cases offer financial literacy training to their parents. This will provide business startups skills and seed capital for the parents to star alternative livelihoods as a measure to suppress supply on alcohol and drugs of abuse. … … ….

This year 2018, MICF devised and undertook a project dubbed, “giving back to community through alumni program.” Through this program, the foundation is steering alumni projects for schools which the endowed in the society schooled as a give back to the community. Read more. Tripartite in its nature, this program focuses on three target populations: teachers, parents and learners and aims at empowering mostly school teachers and parents to ably deal with the developmental transitions and problematic behaviors among children and youths. Additionally, the learners (children and youths) in this schools will be trained on life skills for positive lifestyle and purposefulness. While seeking to empower these populations, at the same time the program picks on a tangible project to implement in honor of the endowed. Construction of class rooms, perimeter walls, gates, and water tanks, bore hole, installation of power backup systems and buying of school bus/vans are currently common projects envisaged.


Pending implementation in the years 2018/2022; is, “the Kiambu county alcohol and drug abuse project with alternative livelihood.” The foundation is currently seeking for donor funds to implement this program. With over 800 selected persons, previously and currently undergoing through drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation the program seeks to offer alternative livelihoods including training and stocking of the beneficiaries with dairy goat as income generating activity and in the category of livestock farming. Read more. Details on this project are available on adopting a group or more in this project, kindly feel free to call for partnership.

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