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Maranatha International Counselling Foundation (MICF) is the community outreach arm of the Kenya Institute of Business and Counselling Studies (KIBCo). The foundation initially started as a counselling forum where trainees and vulnerable youths would access counselling, but quickly it has grown to embrace a larger clientele and offers service beyond trainees to include children, youths and others (individuals, private and corporate organizations). Read more…

Esteemed for psycho social support services towards the most at risk populations, the foundation aims at contributing comprehensively to the growing up of vulnerable children and youth through providing them with basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, education and medical health), mental health, rehabilitation, transitional housing and re-integration. Since inception, the foundation has embarked on three main activities; research and training, psychosocial support services and community outreach programs to vulnerable populations.

In furtherance of the same mandate the foundation in 2018 entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with J.M.P. which is a Non-Governmental Organization and registered in the USA.  

  1. Vision:  - To be a leading organization in taking holistic care of vulnerable children and youth through evidence based interventions.
  2. Mission:  - To enable vulnerable children and youth in Kenya to live healthier lives through provision of basic survival needs (shelter, food, clothing, medical care and protection from harm), rehabilitation, life skills, formal and vocational education and emotional health.


MICF is inspired and driven by the following values among others and which reflect the foundation’s basic beliefs and identity:

  • Commitment :  - We uphold result oriented leadership. This keeps our staffs focused, devoted and able to go an extra mile at all times, to attain prescribed goals and strategic objectives. 
  • Integrity :  - We are open, transparent and accountable always striving to be honest and beyond reproach, in reference to our conduct, behavior, and reputation in the delivery of services.
  • Teamwork : - We promote team spirit amongst our staff as a way of developing a sense of belonging, complementing each other’s work and increasing productivity. 
  • Professionalism : - The services of MICF are guided by skilled and efficient methods of performance. As an organization handling vulnerable groups, MICF observes empathy, confidentiality and non – discrimination in the delivery of services. 
  • Networking : - MICF ensures consistent information exchange and referrals for our clients, and networks with other relevant stakeholders in order to provide comprehensive services to our growing clientele.

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Southern House Building,
Murang'a road off Moi Avenue,
P. O. Box 20138-00200 Nairobi.
Email: info@micfoundation.org
Website: www.micfoundation.org

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